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Legal Nurse Consultant A Legal Nurse Consultant is a qualified nurse who provides valuable services to the legal firms, barristers, insurance firms and others. A legal nurse consultant helps the lawyer in understanding the medical terms, medical graphs and medical charts. Legal Consultant Nurse helps the attorney to take the decision on whether to carry the legal act or not. Legal Nurse Consultant also reviews the customer's medical as well as the non-medical history before taking decision and before giving any medical opinion. Legal Nurse Consultant also maintains ethics of legal and medical practice and practices the medical and legal fraternity. In short legal nurse consultant is termed as an attorney who debates over legal issues related with medical problems. Legal Nurse Consultant work in legal firms, government agencies, insurance firms and hospitals.

Sample Legal Nurse Consultant Resume

Maria Kampala
Address: 103 Washington Street,
Washington 11122
Phone No: 613-645-8170
Email ID: mariakampala


    To make a good career as a legal nurse consultant by utilizing the experience and the professional skills.


Lyon Zebonic Law Associates, USA
Legal Nurse Consultant, August 2005–till date

  • To help the lawyer to determine whether the medico legal case has the merit or can be defended or not.
  • To provide expert proof in the court of law.
  • To help the lawyers to take action against drug manufacturing companies doing illegal practices.
  • To make a chart of the health care events and arrange them in a chronological order.
  • To investigate the medical literature and assist the lawyer to develop trial strategy and a case strategy.
  • To prepare a demonstrative proof.
  • To focus on carrying out independent medical examinations of the client or the witnesses.
Leo Davenport Law Firm, USA
Legal Nurse Consultant, February 2001–February 2005
  • To carry out legal research using the internet systems and make the documentation of the results.
  • To calculate the damage and costs and suggesting solutions for lawyers to prepare the cases.
  • To look into the medico legal matters like compensation of workers injured or died in accidents.
  • To check the risk management policies of the company.
  • To research into the healthcare legal issues of the firm.
  • To carry out client interviews.


  • Cleared the board certification with the American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Board in year 2000.
  • Completed Bachelor degree in Nursing from Maschuttes University, Florida in year 1999.

  • No Criminal history or a good reputation while working.
  • A Research mind to research the situations.
  • Good capability in applying medical knowledge to issues related with judiciary.
  • Good convincing ability which is helpful in convincing the lawyers about the complicated matters of health related to the legal problems.
  • Good verbal and written English.


  • Capability of using personal computer with windows environment like windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Me.
  • Good ability to use word processing, word perfect, Microsoft excel and Microsoft excess spread sheets and different types of e-mail applications like Microsoft outlook.
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint which is a nice tool for making good presentation.


    Name: Maria Kampala
    Sex: Female
    Marital Status: Married
    Date of Birth: 20/02/1970.
    Hobbies: Watching movies and playing Chess.
    Areas of Interest: Reading comedy Novels and books consisting jokes and humors.
    Preferred Place of Work: Washington, USA.


  1. Name: Mary Gamut
    Post: Senior Lawyer
    Organization: State Court of Washington, USA
    Phone No: 516-717-9190.
  2. Name: Miriam Cuneal
    Post: Lawyer
    Organization: State Court of Ohio, USA.
    Phone No: 621-741-9821.

Legal Nurse Consultant Resume will help the job seeker in writing a perfect Resume for the required post of a Legal Nurse Consultant.

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