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Patent Agent A Patent Agent is a person who is not a lawyer but a registered agent of the Patent and Trademark Office. Patent agents perform different patent related legal functions and work in legal firms, universities and corporations who strictly follow a totally different set of legal rules and regulations pertaining to the copyrights or the trademark (or patent).

Sample Patent Agent Resume

Maria Patel
Address: 103 New York Street,
New York 22222
Phone No: 104-103-1070
Email ID:


    To make a good career as a patent agent by utilizing the experience and the professional skills.


State Court of New York USA
Patent Agent, June 2006-Till Date

  • To provide legal patent services like examination and other legal support services of the firm.
  • To work with legal counsel and write and examine the legal applications by taking the help of legal counsel.
  • To help the lawyers prepare legal opinions that are related with the legitimacy of the patents and their violations.
  • To guide the lawyers over the firm's various litigation suits whose outcome is directly related with the patent rights of the firm.
Harvard University, USA
Patent Agent, January 2002-May 2006
  • To obtain patents for the new scientific inventions and breakthroughs.
  • To educate the Teachers, Staff and employee on the patent process.
  • To hold invention-disclosure meetings
  • To go through different patent applications and keep in touch with the outside patent counsel.


  • Achieved graduate degree in law from Harvard University majoring in subjects of patent laws and laws of copyrights and trademark in year 2001.
  • Achieved Doctorate in Biotechnology from Oxford University in year 1998.
  • Achieved Post graduate degree in Science in Biotechnology from Cambridge University in year 1993.
  • Achieved graduate degree in Science with major subjects like bio-chemistry and microbiology in year 1991.

  • Good technical and legal knowledge.
  • Good Knowledge of writing claims in a specific given format.
  • Good persuasive skills.
  • Good skills necessary for interacting with the different institituitions who apply for patent copyrights for their goods and services.
  • Good Knowledge of English language.


  • Capability of using personal computer with windows environment like windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Me.
  • Good ability to use word processing, word perfect, Microsoft excel and Microsoft excess spread sheets and different types of e-mail applications like Microsoft outlook.
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint which is a nice tool for making good presentation.


    Name: Maria Patel
    Sex: Female
    Marital Status: unmarried.
    Date of Birth: 20/02/1978.
    Hobbies: Watching Discovery channel and National Geographic Channel.
    Areas of Interest: Reading Scientific American, Nature and Popular Science Magazines.
    Place of Work: New York, USA.


  1. Name: Mary Pirelli
    Post: Senior Lawyer
    Organization: Federal Court of Washington, USA
    Phone No: 544-765-9817.
  2. Name: Martina Hike
    Post: Senior Lawyer
    Organization: State Court of New York, USA.
    Phone No: 601-701-9021.

Patent Agent resume given here will help the job seeker in writing a perfect resume for the required post of a patent agent.

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